In Honor by Jessi Kirby

in honour

In Honor is a story of growing up, grieving and a good ol’ road trip. Honor, a young girl who had already lost so much, her parents when she was barely old enough to understand and now she loses her brother whom she absolutely adored.

She travels thousands of miles across the deserts of North America to relive her brothers last wish – to see the famed Kyra Kelley live in concert and tell her all about her brother. What was supposed to be a solo journey quickly turns in a trip for two. Rusty, her brothers best friend, spontaneously joins Honor on her travels to reach the oceanside of sunny California.

Along the way, they travel in the Pala which happens to be not completely road-worthy. They reminisce, bicker and fight and all in memory of her brother and his best friend. They face storms, desert views (along with the desert heat) all in a car with no air-conditioning. Things get pretty interesting, there’s stripping down, one over-dramatic car crash and a jail arrest which really test their ability to reach their end goal.

Jessi Kirby, the author, writes a story of a girl simply trying to find her place in this earth after the sudden death of her brother. A scenario that many people will experience once in their life. There were no moments where I wanted to crawl up in my blanket and cry or any moments where I was jumping for joy. But it was a well written story that I personally enjoyed. It wasn’t too predictable with the ending really surprising me and completely overturning my predictions. I mean don’t get me wrong this book was good but not mind-numbingly amazing. It’s a book I would recommend if you’ve got some time to kill. It didn’t take too long to read and was a nice change from the typical YA novels about love and romance (although there is still a hint of romance for all those love-birds out there!).

I was disappointed that some characters weren’t really developed extensively, Rusty for example is a heavy drinker (alcoholic?) and we don’t really know why other than the fact his father is an alcoholic. Honor’s Aunt, Gina, is a character that is mentioned repeatedly but not really discussed or given any insight into. I feel that this let down the overall depth of the story. But in saying that, Jessi Kirby writes well, and may be an author I will be seeking more of.