After Dark by Emi Gayle – Guest Review

after dark

These days all paranormal books are supernatural with that little touch of romance, After Dark is no different. The main character, Mac Thorne, is a changeling – a unique race of supernatural beings that can change into any form they please, from human to ice giant – you name it Mac can do it. But there are catches; She is stuck being human during the day and cannot change forms until nightfall. On top of that by her 19th birthday she can only pick one race, and then she must lead that race. Pressure much?

At first she absolutely loathes humans and hates her life until she meets Winn – A HUMAN – and he completely changes her perspective on life. She at first is drawn to him because he holds a book that is about her birthplace. Problem is the whole book is written in Latin so of course she needs him to translate it for her. In the process they start to fall in love with each other – and through Winn – Mac finds out more about herself than she has in her whole 18 year existence and she starts to base all her decisions off her feelings for him.

I simply liked this book. It wasn’t amazing but it was an enjoyable read. I found this book to be clichéd with the idea that a unique supernatural’s life is changed by a human, in which she falls in love with later and can’t bear to live without him. Maybe the book would’ve been better if the characters were more developed and the love story wasn’t rushed. I would’ve also liked it if we found out more about who Mac is than see her being all lovey-dovey with Winn all the time.

Also, the way Mac bases all her decisions off Winn is naive and reflects her youth and irresponsibility to wield the power she holds. At the same time I admire the way she follows her heart instead of what listening to what everyone else is telling her to. Her rebellion against tradition and expectations on her foreshadows change and creates suspense. Although, sometimes I found her rebelliousness unnecessary and it seemed like she was being selfish and inconsiderate of the responsibility that she has to the world.

Now the good things about After Dark. I enjoy the paranormal genre, especially ones with a good love story. Although this book did disappoint in the love department, I loved the supernatural side of it. I loved the idea of a changeling being able to change into any supernatural or human form because it kept the book interesting. I mean who wouldn’t want to be able to change into a fairy, a ghost, a giant or a dragon? The possibilities are endless.

I also loved the characters in the story – Sal – Mac’s fashionably devil friend; Lucas – Mac’s dangerous vampire foster parent; and Elina – Mac’s beautiful fairy foster mother. I found these characters to be important supporting characters in Mac’s life and I also found them to be very interesting and entertaining additions in the novel.