The Love Game by Emma Hart

tlg-coverWhat harm can a little bet do to two people? Not much if  think your Braden Carter and Maddie Stevens.

Braden and Maddie are playing a deceptively twisted game on one another, Braden is trying to get Maddie in his pants and Maddie is trying to get Braden to fall in love with her. How did this all come about? It all started with 2 bets, Braden was challenged by his friends Aston and Ryan to get the school ‘princess’ to fall in love with him.  Why would this be challenging if he can get any girl he wants? Because, Braden has never taken a girl out on a date EVER, he has no idea how to romance a girl and he has never felt the urge to, why play in a game of seduction when he only needs to flash his panty dropping smile and all the girls come a-running. Braden doesn’t make time to have conversations with girls or make friends with girls so its pretty damn challenging to fake a relationship with a girl he has absolutely no interest in getting to know.

Braden has never met a girl more challenging and unresponsive to his flirtatious ways then Maddie Stevens, how a girl could resist him is beyond him. Braden has a huge ego and it doesn’t help that every girl on campus wants him, every girl except Maddie. Braden lives for the moment and doesn’t care for anyone who is hurt by his actions that’s why he can play girls like a freaking fiddle and not be caught up in the emotions attached to it, Maddie on the other hand is haunted by her past and knows what its like to be hurt and betrayed, so when the two of them get together its almost perfect, they balance each other out and they can’t help but feel for each other, even if they don’t want those feelings.

Maddie was coerced into the bet by her friends Lila, Kay and Megan to ‘play the player’: her mission was to get the resident player to fall in love with her and once he did she would drop him like a hot potato. Why did she agree? Because she along with her friends believed that he needed to be treated the same way he’s treated girls before and what better method to teach him? By teaching him a lesson in love. The both have no idea about each others bets and that’s where the game and the story get interesting. How can Maddie get involved let alone play a guy like Braden, who stands for everything  she hates: he’s cocky, arrogant and self absorbed but somehow along their journey she discovers that there’s more to him then his ridiculously good looks he’s incredibly charming, witty and he just understands her, because of this Maddie needs to constantly remind herself that she’s just playing him not falling for him, but somehow she gets caught up in his game of lust and her own hearts betrayal.

The Love Game is written fantastically, I love incredibly witty books with oozing sarcasm and hilarious banter. Its written in alternating points of views, which is great as these kinds of books are my favourties! I absolutely love knowing what the other person is thinking  as I feel  it gives a book more depth, so this book was brilliant for me. I would recommend this book to those over 18 (its got some steamy scenes as its a new adult novel) who are looking for an incredibly funny and adventurous book, because in ways both Maddie and Braden come to terms with their own lives and how their lives end up changing after them meeting. This book took me on an emotional roller coaster making me feel giddy half the time and then sad and angry the other half so all in all I’ve given it 4 stars, Woo 4 stars for you Emma Hart!

Oh and before I forget here’s one of my favourite quotes from the book:

“Oh I believe in love. I believe that each of us have someone out there that will love us no matter what. I like to believe that. Otherwise, what would be the point? Love is beautiful, it’s free from judgment and it never condemns. It enlightens, it embraces, and it makes even the hardest day worth living through. Who wouldn’t want to believe in that?”

Also this one here:

“I don’t know if I do. I don’t know if I miss him or if I miss the memories. Maybe it’s just the person he used to be that I miss”

Check out Emma’s blog for more information and Amazon for a free sample of the book.