Vain by Fisher Amelie

VAIN-new-cover-186x300Sophie Price is the ruler and puppeteer of the most elite group in town; where the rich rule using their parents wealth to fund their extravagant and opulent lifestyles. Money is used to fund  parties, experiment in drugs and fuel a lifestyle that only the rich could ever afford.

Sophie is ruler of the crowd, where the ruler is determined by their beauty. Sophie rules.  She is drop dead beautiful and lives in a community where appearances are everything and because Sophie is the most beautiful, Sophie is treated like queen. Sophie gets everything she sets her eyes on, acts however she likes and doesn’t care for the consequences her actions may bring. Ultimately, Sophie is vain and selfish.

Sophie has only ever put herself first, she has no regard to other peoples feelings and has never felt the need to care for anyone but herself. Sophie’s parents ignore her and the only interaction she has with them is when they bribe her to attend events and keep up appearances. Everything in her life is a facade; Although Sophie may act confident, deep down she is insecure, vulnerable and screaming for attention. She gets into trouble to try and get attention from her parents, yet they user their money to make her problems go away. Sophie craves attention and knows that her only asset is her looks.  Sophie uses her looks to stay in control of people, to make people want and lust after her, until one day her looks can’t save her and she lands herself in court, where she is sentenced to work 6 months in a Ugandan Orphanage.

Suddenly the girl who had it all fell from her reign.

Fisher Amelie has written this novel beautifully it captures the lifestyle of a teenager who seemed to have it all, Sophie was rich and beautiful, she could afford anything she wanted and could get anyone she wanted yet her home life was filled with loneliness and a desperation to feel loved. It goes to show that those who we believe have it all, don’t always. There are always personal struggles among us all and Sophie deals with hers the only was she knows how, through manipulation. She manipulates people to get her way and its easy because all people see from her is her looks. No-ones ever cared to find out whats underneath the exterior, until she meets Dingane. I won’t go into it because I feel like you should read the book yourself to find all about him, but I will say that the boy is mighty fine! Like HOT DAMN!

The novel focuses more on Sophie and how she finds herself through this incredible learning journey she experiences, I will be honest, I nearly put the book down within the first few pages, I seriously felt like Sophie was so damn conceited that I instantly hated her character, I couldn’t stand how dense she was to the world around her, she was brought up with all of her needs fulfilled and she didn’t give a damn about anyone else, but I figured I would keep going with the book and boy am I glad that I did.  I feel like this novel explores deep issues, bringing to light the troubles and hardships occurring throughout Africa. Issues we are either unaware of or as I hate to say usually forgotten, issues that the media has stopped reporting on, that we should address. Fisher Amelie somehow has written a beautiful story of a troubled young girl and her personal growth, how her growth and struggles, how her journey has ties to current global issues and then somehow mixes a little romance into the story. I don’t know how you managed to do this but you did it so seamlessly, everything flowed and related to each other into a wonderful story.

I would seriously recommend you read this book, I loved it, it deserves 4.5 FREAKING stars!

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