The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden by Jessica Sorensen

the coincidence of callie and kaydenThe school ‘nobody’ and the school ‘jock’. Together? Typically this is not a combination one would see but once you leave the boundaries of high school cliques – anything can happen, right?

Callie, a young, vulnerable girl shielding a deep secret. A secret that changed her life forever and left her broken and scarred. She had never told a soul of the horrors she had faced and the pain that no twelve year old should have to experience. Six years later, she hopes college will be the escape she desperately needs.

Just like Callie, Kayden has his fair share of secrets. His family are the epitome of a perfect American family. A family that is well respected within the community and everyone knows their son as the all star quarterback. But growing up, Kayden constantly faced the wrath of his abusive, alcoholic father.

They both mask the pain of their pasts, her through becoming “the class weirdo” and trying to make herself invisible to the wider school population. Whereas he used popularity and success to forget his problems, that is, until he ‘screwed up’ in the eyes of his father. Kayden has pretty much ignored Callie all throughout their school lives but that all changed one drunken night.

Callie accidentally walks in on a intense moment between father and son – Kayden’s father (Mr. Owen) is on another drunken rampage. She stops the fight, helps him get cleaned up and leaves his life just as quickly as she walked in. That is until he catches a glimpse of her again months later.

After their brief encounter, his need to get to know her and their shared secret (Callie being the only one who knows about his father’s abuse) drives them together. She has troubles trusting anyone, especially him except her new best friend who helped her deal with her past, and Kayden is taking it slow hoping to be let in. Their feelings for each other develop quickly (love at first sight anyone?) and their chemistry is undeniable.

While there is an element of love and romance there is also an emphasis on dramatic issues and the characters methods of dealing with these issues, although they are presented in a serious way that isn’t too full on. There are moments where you really feel the pain of both Callie and Kayden. The pain they feel is real and oh my, the end really does leave you hanging.

Jessica Sorensen presents the story well and the plot line is well written – it doesn’t move along too quickly and doesn’t drag on too long either. I absolutely LOVE stories with an alternating POV and this is definitely up there on my list of favourites. Although I would recommend this book to anyone (over 17), do be advised that some scenes are super steamy and may not be for everyone. Jessica Sorensen writes well and I like how she deals with the characters issues rather than mention them and push them under the carpet as some books do.

All in all I loved this book and I am so excited for the sequel coming later this year and maybe in the mean time I shall immerse myself in Jessica Sorenson’s other novels (I’ve heard rave reviews for ‘The Secret of Ella and Micha). – UPDATE: Jessica reviewed The Secret of Ella and Micha, read it here.