True by Erin McCarthy

true.inddTwo people from different sides of the track. Him, a pierced, tattooed bad boy with a damaged home life. Her, an awkward, smart girl who had never really left the comfort of her middle-class suburban life. Both coming from completely different upbringings but as they say, opposites attract right?

The story starts off by getting straight into the action (so to speak). Tyler basically swoops in a saves her like a knight in shining armour. It’s at this moment that Rory finally takes notice of her best friend’s little boy toy and her curiosity for him grows. Especially when she finds out he may be interested in her. But being a girl who never dated in high school (and her virgin status being announced in front of him) she questions his true intentions.

Her friends push her towards getting to know him but after finding out her friends paid Tyler to deflower her she is angry, ignores him but later pushes that thought aside, when he continues to chase after her. There’s more to him than his bad boy appearance and this really intrigues Rory.

He introduces her to his world of an alcoholic, drug-addict mother on the bad side of town and she takes him to her world of perfect trimmed front lawns and streets named after flowers. They have their moments of romance and their moments where they are both pushed to their limits. One minute, you think its going to become the typical YA love story and the next PLOT TWIST! I can honestly say I didn’t see it coming, although some might say it was pretty predictable. But I do have to say I’m a sucker for love stories.

Overall I enjoyed this book, Erin McCarthy writes well and the story moves along nicely. It didn’t take too long to read and the fact that I skipped studying for exams to finish this book says it all. I’m not going to lie though there were some typical clichés and some cringe-worthy moments as well as some plain outright unrealistic situations. But I was definitely willing to overlook that to see the romance develop between Tyler and Rory. It was nice that all their problems were resolved by the books end and the ending really did put a smile on face. The story finished well, felt complete and satisfied my fill for cutesy romances. To be honest, I am glad there isn’t a sequel following this book because it would otherwise feel like the story of Tyler and Rory would just be dragging on too long. But I am definitely excited to read Erin McCarthy’s upcoming novels so keep a look out for those reviews!