Bad Rep by A. Meredith Walters

bad repMaysie Arden has a problem. She just maxed out her parents credit card, the card, that was only to be used in cases of emergencies. What did she spend all their money on? Clothes and Shoes!  Yes, Maysie Arden is a self confessed shopaholic and her spending has finally spiraled out of control. She needs to find a solution stat, so she does what any other person in her situation would do, she takes on a second job.  Now, you would think that getting a second job and paying off her debt would be it. But no, cupid has his way of meddling with your life and shooting an arrow of love when you least expect it.

You see, when Maysie decided to apply for a waitressing position at Barton’s the diner, she didn’t expect to be hit  hard in the ass by cupids arrow. No, she especially didn’t expect it to push her into the life of the hottest boy on campus, Jordan Levitt. He’s all dimples, muscles and tattoos. He’s a drummer in a band and he has a voice that will make the angels cry, not to mention the word HEARTACHE must be written a thousand times all over him. So getting involved with him would be heart suicide. Unfortunately for Maysie she feels completely attracted to him and somehow he feels the exact same way. Their chemistry is so intense and explosive that soon after their meeting a journey of longing and lust is taken.

Why the longing? Why the lust? Oh my friend I’ll tell you why the story gets complicated. Jordan somehow among their conversation and flirting forgot to mention that he has a girlfriend! It just so happens that his girlfriend is none other than Olivia Peer, the most gorgeous girl on campus and the queen of Maysie’s sorority.

Obviously with this new information, Maysie knows that Jordan is off limits. She would never dream of betraying one of her sorority sisters for a boy, but this boy just so happens to just get her, he understands her and hanging out with him is comfortable and natural that she doesn’t want to stay away, but she knows she has to. The harder she tries to avoid Jordan, the harder she wants him. It doesn’t help that he won’t willingly let her go. There is so much drama and twists that in the end you know something is bound to spontaneously combust and that scandal is bound to occur. I mean hot DAMN, with a storyline like that there is bound to be drama, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I really enjoyed this book, I thought that the storyline was great, it included really quirky humour, was filled with drama and a so much flirting! There were some cringe worthy scenes and parts I wish were never included but in the end, these scenes deliver the drama in the book and the book wouldn’t be as great as it was without these scenes. There are also a lot of steamy scenes, so young readers I advise you do not read till your at least 21! Just kidding, but seriously, over 18’s only. I mean it.

I liked how the book showed the true path and hardships to love, that you find love when you least expect it. That love isn’t easy, its so damn hard, it will cause heartache, and so much pain but in the end, if you prevail, love will be so damn rewarding it will consume you. Not a bad consuming I mean like a passionate, I-can-never-get-enough-of-you love, a I-miss-you-when-your-away-from-me kind of love.  A love that is explosive and a chemistry so intense that its worth fighting for, that the tears it may cause are worth it, cause in the end love is worth it, it’ll make you happier than you ever would have dreamed.

All in all, I give 4 stars for you A. Meredith Walters!

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Happy Reading!