The Secret of Ella and Micha By Jessica Sorensen

15717876What happens when the love of your life walks out of your life, in the middle of the night without so much as a goodbye or a reason for leaving?  Frustration, heartache and fear happens, ask Micha Scott. Say the name Ella Daniels and feel the pain radiating off his entire core; for Ella Daniels was the very girl who left him.

Ella and Micha have lived next door to each other for as long as they can remember, as the years went by they became the best of friends, right up to the point where both Micha and Ella fell for one another. Micha loved that Ella stuck up for those who couldn’t do so themselves, she was feisty and had a fire burning in her green eyes.  She was confident and had the same interests as him. They were perfect for each other, but their line of friendship was slowly getting blurred as they grew older. Micha forced himself to keep quiet about his feelings, as he feared that she would run away if he told her. Ella was scared to give in to her feelings, as feelings made a person vulnerable, it allowed someone else control over you.

Ella is one of those people that bottles up her emotions, struggles to let people in and most of all she avoids her problems by running away from them. Ella struggles with trying to stay in control of her life and panics when she loses this control. Her life has been far from perfect, her mother had bi-polar disorder and her father, was and still is an alcoholic. Tragedy struck her mother and both Ella and her older brother blames her for the tragedy. This guilt consumes Ella, so much so that when it felt too much for her, she packed up her things and moved to Vegas without telling a soul. She left her father and the one person who means most to her, Micha, behind. Ella loves Micha, deep down she knows she does but she won’t admit it to herself. He’s the only one who can read her like a book, know exactly what she’s thinking, can comfort her when she’s down and he just downright gets her, and its scary. Emotions cause vulnerability, so Ella leaves in hopes of starting anew by creating a new life and identity. She enrolls herself into school and during her time at school she reinvents herself into a new Ella Daniels.

Eight months later and Micha is still searching for her, he remembers her auburn hair and dark green eyes, eyes that pierce Micha’s mind,  eyes he cant seem to forget no matter how hard he tried. Micha could get any girl he wants, he has shaggy blonde hair, blue eyes and is a singer with a voice the angels would literally weep for, oh and did I mention that he also plays guitar?! Yet for the past eight months Micha can’t get the one girl he has always wanted, out of his mind.

When Ella left, Micha’s life stagnated, all he wants to do now is find her, trouble with that is he doesn’t know where to start looking, nor does he know whether or not she is still in the country. Ella walked out of his life and hadn’t bothered to keep in contact, her disappearing act has been driving Micha crazy, until one day Ella suddenly reappears next door, looking  and acting like a completely new Ella.

Ella thought her chemistry with Micha would have have fizzled out after her disappearance, what she doesn’t expect is to feel the same intense chemistry and attraction to him. The attraction between them is still palpable, with their chemistry intensifying in magnitude whenever they are around each other. This drives Ella mad with worry as it puts her closer to her fear of being vulnerable and losing control, a feeling she never wants to be in ever again.

Micha wants to finally tell her how he feels, to make that one last move that will bring them together, but knows he has to be careful, he has to take things slow. But how can he act so calm and rational when everything he has always wanted is standing right there in front of him?

Jessica Sorensen has fast become one of my favourite authors, both in this book and The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden. Jessica Sorensen pours so many emotions into her writing that it just captivates you, your taken on a roller-coaster of a journey with no idea when the roller-coaster will land, nor what direction it lands in. I swear that Sorensen has magic fingers because in each of the books I’ve read from her, so far, I have been so engrossed and pulled in with each story line  that I lose sleep, yes right now its 2.40am and I’m still writing this review, but it is so worth it.  You see, I get so pulled into her writing because she captures real life situations and weaves them into a realistic story, she writes in a way that you understand how each character is feeling and why they are feeling that way. However, when you read her books, its not overly long. and you find yourself second guessing what you believe will happen next. This book makes me second guess the people I may judge out in public or at school based on their appearance, yes, people may act or dress a certain way, but they may just be doing that to hide something personal about themselves as well as making me think about how many people I walk past everyday that may have their own struggles and no-one suspects a thing because of how well they can put on a facade.

Micha is a wonderful character, he is so determined and completely faithful in his love for Ella it literally makes me curse Sorensen for creating such a perfect man. Seriously  the man is swoon worthy, read the book and you’ll know what I mean. I am so happy I discovered the works of Jessica Sorensen, I highly recommend this book as I know you will love it!

A massive 5 stars for Ella and Micha!

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