Falling for Hadie (With Me #2) by Komal Kant

falling for hadieHere we go with our teenage love stories of first loves, romance and becoming so consumed in love that nothing else matters. Hadie and Lincoln really tried to resist and deny the chemistry between them but that ultimately proved to be an impossible task.

Lincoln Bracks, the-popular-jock-with-muscles-made-of-steel type moves to the small town of Statlen to escape and find refuge from whatever it is he is running from. He plans to keep to himself and become invisible, living in a small town where everyone knows everyone, this mission proves impossible. He quickly becomes the talk of the school and his reluctance to join the popular crowd, where he ‘clearly belongs’ is a question everyone wonders. But within all this talk of the new kid on the block, Hadie Swinton is forced to show him around while going through a phase of I-hate-boys-and-I-swear-off-boys-forever, that I’m sure most teenage girls go through, she fulfils her duties and returns to ignoring all specimens of the opposite gender.

Lincoln falls head over heels for the sweet, innocent, book-loving nerd that is Hadie, despite half the female population throwing themselves at him. He only has eyes for one girl and one girl only. He is intrigued by her and her bitterness towards him.  Despite his looks and supposed popularity, Lincoln keeps to himself, makes no friends and is happy to admire Hadie from afar and secretly protect her from the name-calling taunts of the popular kids. Although unbeknownst to him, Hadie feels the exact same way. Hadie reveals all when one drunken night of trying to forget her sorrows, she drunk-dials Lincoln which makes him come running to save his damsel in distress. This results in a confession of love and Lincoln is quick to push her away after a moment of intense passion.

There is this element of forbidden love where he won’t allow himself to fall in love but then he quickly realised he already did. He literally fell for Hadie (as the title not so subtlety suggests). Hadie, still getting over a bad break-up, is so unsure of her feelings and her friends just assume he’s the “rebound guy” but this proves to be untrue. They are both in too deep and its too late to back out now. Then throw in some jealous exes and the prying eyes of the whole school and you have a classic high school love romance (well according to the books anyway).

This being a sequel to Impossible, we see some cameos by previous characters (including the adorably cute Ashton and Luca!), who’s presence you may enjoy or loathe (*cough cough* Kance) but this novel could easily be read as a standalone without too much need for the knowledge of the previous book.

Komal Kant writes well (Impossible was and still is one of my favourite novels) but I feel with with this sequel her standards have dropped just a little. The whole dynamic of the novel felt different and I almost put it down after the disappointment of it not reaching the same level the first book did. The alternating POV really felt like a game of he said, she said and honestly, that peeved me off. Now, don’t get me wrong the ending was sad and I got a little teary but it just wasn’t as good as the first.

Falling for Hadie was an okay book. The story was interesting and the characters felt pretty real – their personal struggles were realistic and, to some, pretty relate-able. I would probably recommend borrowing this book before you make the commitment of buying a copy. Who knows? You may completely enjoy it.