Georgetown Academy: Book One by Jessica Koosed Etting & Alyssa Embree Schwartz


What could possibly be more dramatic than the teen problems of high school? A high school filled with the of drama of politics that is.

Georgetown Academy is an elite private high school located in the city of Politics – Washington DC. The story is told in the perspective of four rich, young girls; Ellie, Evan, Brinley and Taryn.

Ellie Walker the girl who went from a nobody to the girl everyone envies. Her hot new boyfriend, Hunter McKnight (who is described as the “JFK of GA”) is loving, kind and everything a boyfriend could possibly be. Her life couldn’t be filled with less drama until her ex boyfriend steps back into the picture. Not only are their parents political enemies, but their unresolved tension later proves to be a problem.

Brinley Madison is the school Queen Bee, the girl everyone loves to hate. The ultimate IT girl and if anyone steps on her toes, she will make sure they are eliminated. Fashion and manipulation are her middle names and in a society where public image is everything, Brinley will do anything to keep her image squeaky clean and perfect.

Evan Hartnett is a shy, innocent girl who flies under the radar. Her internship at the top-rating politics news show could show some moral decisions on her part – keep the secrets of her friends or tell all to the media to further her own career?

Taryn Reyes is the new girl, the “rookie”, fresh from LA where the sun is always shining and the girls are less bitchy. She has trouble finding her feet within the school so when decides to “make her own rules” she makes a few enemies along the way that could potentially spell trouble for her father’s career.

While all their parents are somehow involved in politics, anything they do could be turned into a national scandal. Their every step watched, alliances formed and broken over rumours and even petty high school rumours can ruin their parent’s political career. They can do whatever they want as long as they don’t get caught.

Even though the story is told in four perspectives, it is almost like four separate stories yet they are all somehow intertwined with each other. Each character is written well and given enough of a back story to give the story some substance. The first few chapters are dedicated to each character individually to allow the reader to get to know each character – which is important to a novel, especially one that is divided into four different perspectives.

The interesting thing about this novel is that once it reaches around the chapter five mark, it separates into a Create-your-own-Adventure style book, where the reader chooses which character to view the party scene from. This was an aspect of the book that I thoroughly enjoyed. The only problem with this was deciding which girl to read on with!

The authors did well to capture the essence of high school drama with a very Gossip Girl feel. I loved this book! There was not one part I didn’t like. I stayed up all night to finish it and it was well worth my time. Although the only downside, I think, is the cover. But that is minor to the greatness that is Georgetown Academy. This book is perfect for a quick read and really is quite enjoyable.