Georgetown Academy: Book Two by Jessica Koosed Etting & Alyssa Embree Schwartz

GTA twoThe girls are back and like usual wherever they go scandal follows! Book Two picks right back up from the end of book one. For fans of book one let me tell you know that I think you’ll absolutely LOVE book two! It’s packed full of even more drama and bitchiness that we’ve come to know and love.

Ellie is dealing with the fallout of her photo scandal. Being caught with the son of your mother’s ultimate political enemy is a big no-no and getting dumped is the cherry on top. I mean did she really think that THE hottest guy in school and her former boyfriend, Hunter McKnight, wouldn’t kick her sorry ass to the curb.  Unsure about her feelings for anyone, Ellie is slowly trying to piece her life back together after it so publicly fell apart.

Evan, the quiet girl who seems to go unnoticed by the rest of the GTA population has the attention of Hunter (who is at the top of the school hierarchy as well as Ellie’s ex – talk about DRAMA!) but has the minor problem of being Luke’s (who is her ultimate gay BFF) fake girlfriend (his moustache?). Evan has to decide whether or not to chase the boy she’s always loved or protect her best friend and try to salvage her relationship with Ellie.

Taryn has had enough of being the nice girl getting kicked around by Brinley (the ultimate bitch) and has decided it’s time to play by Washington’s rules. She’s falling for Gabe but will Ellie get in the way of that?

And last but not least Brinley. She is used to getting what she wants and manipulating people to do so. After she practically tears Taryn’s family down to get the prestigious Washington Life cover shoot, she makes an enemy of Taryn – has she finally met her maker? And to not only add salt to the wound, her own secrets are being revealed to the public, potentially ruining her family’s reputation (in Washington, this is a BIG deal).

Book two follows the same format as the previous novel using both alternating perspectives and a create-your-own-adventure style of book. It’s full of drama, and when I say it’s full of drama, it’s exploding at the seams with drama. For those who aren’t into reading a lot about school bitches and all the problems of high school then maybe give this series a skip. But for those, like me, who love reading about drama, drama, drama (seriously how many more times can I say drama for you to realise this book is dramatic with a capital D?) then this read is PERFECT for you!

To get your hands on Georgetown Book two, here are some links 🙂 Goodreads, Amazon, The Georgetown Academy website