Georgetown Academy: Book Three By Jessica Koosed Etting & Alyssa Embree Schwartz

Georgetown Academy Book Three

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GTA is written in the perspective of four different girls, with these perspectives creating a very interesting and exciting read!

The third instalment in the Georgetown Academy series is just as good as the two before it and so far its been my favourite in the series. I mean we have a bunch of privileged kids…. I mean mature teenagers, stuck in a hotel in the middle of nowhere with nothing better to do but scheme, lie, party and ski. With that mix of drama how could this not be a good story?

It’s time for  DC’s elite to have some fun in the sun and by sun I mean snow…

Ellie Walker still struggling through her scandal, lies and heartbreak must watch Gabe fall in love with someone else, someone she once considered a friend. Trying to get over the supposed love of her life and their doomed love, Ellie finds comfort in the arms of another…. a  guy who has her mothers approval, and one that plays by his own rules…

After a smashing (imagine that in Nigel Thornberrys voice) DC debut,  Taryn Reyes has everything that she thought she wanted. She’s happy and she’s got the guy.. well to be exact she’s got Ellie’s guy. But there’s one question floating over her cloud of happiness and that is the question of: are they or aren’t they. I mean dayummm girl you gotta DTR and yes the ‘yummm’ in damyumm was intentional because the two guys in her life are exactly that. Who will she choose, Brooks or Gabe, or maybe the decision will be made for her?

Trusting and loyal Evan Harnett would do anything for her friends but one moment of weakness and Evan has lost it all. The respect of her idol and being shunned by the best friend that she just got back and the guy she’s been in love with since forever has Evan hot on the trail of a new story. But once again the story leads straight to a friend, will Evan be able to save her friend and their friendship or will she lose it all over again?

Brinley Madison, one of my favourite characters, thought she had it bad but now she’s falling for someone that represents the opposite of everything that caused her downfall. Everything that her family and friends would never approve of. Everything that she thought she would never fall for, what’s worse is that he’s a townie with no clue about DC and what it means to be one of the elite. Between family obligations, protecting her friends, and managing gossip and the rumour mill, will she be able to regain her social standing without losing her peace of mind? And will she leave Beltway with both her sanity and heart?

You’d think that some skiing, snowboarding and whatever else happens when night-time falls, would be enough to quell the drama of Georgetown Academy and actually relieve the pressure of DC and allow these kids to actual relax and have fun. But like anything in GTA this is not the case, new relationships are formed, alliances and friendships are tested and love blossoms on the slopes, and apparently in museums too.

Like the rest of the series this was a very fast read and I can’t wait to see how the characters blossom and evolve more. I mean I will always love Brinley and her cattiness, I will always think Evan is a little naive and too nice for DC, Ellie just needs to grow a pair of you know whats and maybe gain some street smarts, and Taryn, well Taryn just needs to just be herself. Book Four come at me!