Pretty Little Lies by Jennifer Miller


Genre: Contemporary Romance & New Adult

We received an ARC of Jennifer’s Debut Novel: Pretty Little Lies, in exchange for an honest review.

Pretty Little Lies was released on June 12th so please do check it out on Amazon. There you can read a few more reviews and even grab a free sample chapter!

To read the synopsis of Pretty Little Lies click here.  Forewarning – This review may contain spoilers. Don’t kill me, I tried my best not to reveal too much. However you should read on my friends, read on.


Olivia Brooks and Luke Easton were ‘that’ high school couple. You know, the ‘it’ couple of their school, the ones that were madly-in-love and made you wish you had the same thing. The ones that you looked at, and all you could feel was insane jealousy that they had found their other half, the ying to their yang, the dot to their i and the love to their heart (I know, I know,  I am way too corny :P) . They were truly the lucky ones that found their love young. But that’s the thing, they found their love young, which made a certain someone doubt their love and their future. 

Now what could happen to turn such a perfect romance into mush? Well it just so happens that one day, Olivia hears overhears something that she shouldn’t of, this thing is the ‘pretty little lie’ of the novel, which causes her to question her entire relationship with Luke and their entire future. They were supposed to go off to college together and build a future together, you know the whole 2.5 kids and a picket fence kind of thing. But what she overhears makes her run. She packs up, fleds town, transfers college and makes her family and best friend promise never to tell Luke where she left to. She ups and leaves Luke without saying a word to him

Now this made me angry because if they had that kind of love, you would think she would want an explanation for what she overheard. But I understand why she left, I mean if you overhear something you shouldn’t have heard that totally crushed you. I guess you wouldn’t want to know why because the reason may hurt you even more. So I guess in a way, I understand why. Still she left THE LOVE OF HER LIFE! Anyway, moving on Olivia starts over in Boston. Where she throws herself into a sub-par love with a  blue eyed, blonde called Deacon.

Fast forward a few years and they are married. All is perfect on the outside but inside they have their problems, Olivia turns into a recluse of herself and ignore all the tiny problems in their relationship. Thank god that another something something happens which see’s Olivia kick asshole-Deacon to the curb. KAPOW. BAM. SEEYA BUDDY.

Leaving Deacon, Olivia heads back home to Chicago, Illinois. The home she never came back to in the past seven years that she had been away. Olivia moves back home to move in with her crazy, red headed, eccentric, best friend Pyper, and from here  is where the fun truly begins. Pyper and Olivia have been best friends since they were little, their conversations are so funny. Take this line for example, where Pyper pushes Olivia to get back out there in the dating pool:

Think about it, how else are you – I mean we – going to meet a man? We don’t attend church often, and I’m not sure I’d want to go to church to pick up a guy anyway. Something tells me God wouldn’t look too favourably’. (Pyper)

“I think you are right about that, plus that would be weird. Hi, so my name is Olivia and I saw you praying over there and thought I could be the answer to some of your requests, so maybe you’d like to go out and we could uh, worship, together?”

Ok moving on from the best-friendmenship. I’m going to talk about Luke. At first, hearing how much pain Olivia had felt because of Luke mad me really dislike Luke from the very beginning. However, once she returned to town and the two met once again, I swear to you I fell in love with Luke. He is completely swoon worthy and I loved his character more than I loved Olivia (I’m sorry Jennifer, how could I not? Luke is a total hunk!). He could say anything to me with those beautiful blue eyes and I’d be like:

Now cue the angels, bells and hallelujah’s because Luke and Olivia meet again *HALLELUJAH*DING DING DING*. Cause after all this time their chemistry is still off the charts like wam-bam-thank-you-mam and I was like oh-my-heart. I mean after all this time had passed between them, they both still felt the same way about each other. It’s hard to find a love that rare, which definitely demonstrates the one true love theory, where once you find ‘the one’ there really is nothing or no-one who can ever compare.

Luke is a tall, well built, dark haired, beautiful blue eyed god. Yes, a GOD I tell you. He is witty, sarcastic, funny and best of all he is a romantic…. ahhh a man after my own heart 😉 Luke is a complete but cocky gentleman and  I just really really liked his character. I mean He remembers the littlest details about Olivia and you gotta hand it to him, I mean the man hasn’t seen her in seven years.

Pyper, is such a fun and vibrant character. She really is the biggest ‘Olivia and Luke’ cheerleader and I loved that although Olivia didn’t want anything to do with Luke, Pyper subtly pushed Luke into Olivia’s direction. The whole best friends knows you best thing is so true and this book is a testament to that statement. Here’s a few lines where Olivia and Luke talk about Pyper:

“Damn, that red headed bitch. She’s in so much trouble! Why would she do this?” (Olivia)

“Oh don’t be too mad at at Pyper. I can be pretty persuasive when I want something, and make no mistake. I want something” (Luke)

“What did you do? Bribe her with chocolate?” (Olivia)

“Close, next big thing.” (Luke)

“Shoes? You bought her shoes?!… Does she have no shame?” (Olivia)

“I didn’t buy her shoes, just waved a gift card around in front of her face. She’s easy to bribe” (Luke)

Something unique about the book that I haven’t seen before are these fashion tips that appear in the beginning of each chapter. I didn’t mention this before but Olivia fashion blogger, so each tip is a straight forwarded guide on what not to wear as well as things that work well together. These tips are written in a light and humorous tone.

Pretty Little Lies is Jennifer’s debut novel and I think the story line was quite interesting. The beginning was quite slow as the scene and background needed to be set and then from there on, the characters move at a normal pace. There are some major issues dealt with throughout the novel that may pull at your heart strings, but it didn’t pull too much on mine. It was a light and enjoyable read, filled with a lot of funny scenes and dialogue. At times I felt like the book was overwritten as I felt some actions really didn’t need to be written, or some internal dialogue didn’t need to be described, however, I think Jennifer’s writing can only go up from here.

 Jennifer, I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU, for sending me an ARC of your novel. I feel very special  for being able to have read it before it was released, and only wished I could have posted a review sooner! I hope you enjoyed my review and it did Pretty Little Lies justice! Before I end I just have to ask if you can direct me to the location of where I can find me one of these very rare Luke creatures. I want him, I want him, I want him…but alas I know it will never be. Luke and Olivia are destined for one another.

Finally, I will warn you now, this book ends in a cliffhanger! So do not say I didn’t tell you so!