Playing For Keeps by Emma Hart


You can forgive, you can forget, but rarely are the done together – Aston

Genre: New Adult

Release Date: June 24, 2013


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 Before I get into my review for this novel, I just want to say that I HIGHLY recommend you read The Love Game before you read this book. You’ll get more character insight and understanding of each characters personalities,  as well as their motivations for some of the actions they take. You’ll also understand a lot more of the jokes as well and the relationships between each of the characters.

If you haven’t read the synopsis of Playing for Keeps click here to read it.

Onto my review!

When I first heard that this book would be about Megan and Aston, this was my initial reaction

I shit you not. If you read the first book, you will have noticed that there is some serious sexual tension between Aston and Megan I mean come on, all the crass jokes and insults that Megan and Aston throw at each other had to lead somewhere! And thank the gods it landed in Emma writing a second book for this series! Hallelujah!

So here is a break down of the main characters:

Aston Banks is a man whore who can get into the panties of any girl on campus. Aston sleeps with so many girls to help him forget about his pain filled past. These girls mean nothing to Aston but a quick fix to a permanent scar. Sleeping with girls and saying a permanent HELL NO to relationships, helps Aston avoid emotions and feelings. Both things he say’s he doesn’t have.

So how is it that Megan Harper – a blue eyed blonde,  become the one girl that evokes feelings in Aston? How is it that the one girl he wants, becomes the one he can’t have? Oh yeah, that’s right, Megan is Braden’s BFF. For those who do not yet know, Braden just so happens to also be Aston’s BFF. See the dilemma now?

Braden knows Aston’s man-whore ways,  and has always threatened to pretty much castrate Aston if he ever touched so much as a blonde hair on Megans head.  I think you can pretty much tell in the first book that Megan and Aston had something between them,  so it comes at no surprise, that one night, they give in to temptation, their feelings and desires. One thing leads to another and bada-bing-bada-boom and something happens between them, which will see their feelings for each other intensify. This causes a scandalous, hidden love story to emerge with some octagon-shaped dramas.

Anyway, Aston experienced a rough childhood, which he has always kept to himself.  Because of his upbringing, Aston has always felt like he didn’t need to depend on anyone. When Aston begins to feel for Megan, he fears that  she could do with someone better than him. Aston see’s himself as broken and mismatched, but Megan see’s him as someone who is extremely kind hearted, caring and the one person who can truly make her happy.

The odds are against these two: battling to keep their relationship a secret from Braden as well as battling Aston’s inner turmoils.

How can you deny yourself something that feels so right? I mean, every time Megan and Aston get together this happens:

I kid you not, these two have major sexual chemistry and a deep connection. They have been holding out on each other for so long, so I mean sexytimes (yes, I meant sexytimes – as in multiple) was bound to happen.

Playing for Keeps explores some deep issues, however, as per usual Emma Hart style, Megan and Aston are incredibly sarcastic and funny. The humour laced into this book through character dialogue is always so random and funny. Which provides a great light easy-ness to the novel.  Playing for Keeps is told from both Megan and Aston’s perspective, which is fan-tab-ulous as I LOVE books that tell both characters point of view. However, at times I felt that the chapters alternated too fast. I would have loved them to linger on each characters thoughts a bit longer before the perspectives changed. BUT, in saying that Playing for Keeps was great the way it was.

Emma! We meet again, Thank you for letting us be a part of this blog tour! We feel incredibly lucky to have received an ARC! Now, like my last post I  have a MAJOR QUESTION to ask! WHEN WILL I SEE A STORY FOR ETHAN!?! Don’t leave a girl hanging, he has been rejected by Maddie, Megan was never interested and she now has Aston, Lila has Ryan and Kay, well I guess he could end up with Kay? But I think she much prefers females, BUT the again Ethan could win over Kay with his charm. Or you could introduce a new character into the mix. Say Megans cousin from Europe or Maddies long lost relative from Antarctica? I don’t know. DO IT EMMA, tell Ethan’s story! I’m not trying to hint at anything *wink wink* 😉 P.S If you need a BETA reader for this upcoming book 😉  I’m all for it, I have both hands raised 😛 Whatever you decide to base the third book on, know this:

And that’s all folks! Thanks for reading! Also, please leave me a comment about your thoughts. Are you all looking forward to reading Playing for Keeps?

Happy reading!