Ambrosia by Erin Noelle

Genre: New Adult

Release Date: June 25, 2013


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Ambrosia is the sequel to Erin Noelle’s hugely successful debut novel Metamorphosis. I would highly recommend that you read Metamorphosis before you read Ambrosia, as this is a continuing series. At first I was going to write this review purely on Ambrosia, but I feel like I need to write down my thoughts on Metamorphosis first so that you can see my perspective on both books. So surprise, surprise, this post is going to be on not one book but two! WOO. Metamorphosis and Ambrosia! You lucky ducks, you 😛  – The only thing about 2 reviews is that this post will be exceptionally long – consider yourself officially warned 😉

Metamorphosis and Ambrosia follows the life of Scarlett MacGregor and her journey in finding not only herself, but love with two very attractive, yet different men. Firstly there is Ashton Walker. Ashton is unbelievably hot in the  beachy, surfer way. Blonde hair, gorgeous blue-green eyes, and a perfect dimpled smile. Along with his exceptionally good looks, Ashton is intellectually smart as well! Oh and did I mention that the gods gifted him with a beautiful voice and the ability to play guitar. Ladies  please form one orderly queue, behind me of course 😉  BUT wait, there is always a catch with hot men who seem to have it all and the catch here is that Ashton is a player.  However, when you read about Ashton’s genuine feelings towards Scarlett, you will swoon. Believe me, the lines that come out of that boys mouth pretty much indicates that plenty of swooning is ahead 😛

Moving on to man number 2. Drum roll please.. dun duh duh introducing MasonNow ifyou thought that Scarlett hit the jackpot with Ash, think again…Scarlett must have hit every branch on the hot-male-lucky tree as Mason is a  dark-haired, grey eyed, tattooed and pierced bad boy rocker. More specifically so, Mason is the lead singer of a band called Jobu’s Rum. Although Mason is this bad boy rocker, he is uncharacteristically sweet when it comes to Scarlett. Masons character is a bit of a wreck, he parties all the time and doesn’t do relationships.To me, Mason seemed  like a lost puppy wandering through life, it wasn’t until he met Scarlett that she gave him direction and a future to look forward to. Scarlett changes Mason and makes him want to be a better person. Aw… love will do that to ya!

Anyone with a pair of eyes can see how hot both Ashton and Mason is. In both of their cases, being overly attractive and having the ability to sing sees girls falling all over themselves to capture these guys attention. Back then Ashton and Mason both lapped up the attention, that is until Scarlett walked into their lives. Ashton and Mason come from different walks of life, they don’t know each other until they ‘know’ of each other because of Scarlett. They both are trying to win her heart, so all they feel towards one another is hate and jealousy.

So I’ve introduced you to three different characters. Which leads into me saying that Ambrosia and Metamorphosis is written in three alternative perspectives. It is a love triangle, so it is written in a way that we can understand the motives behind each character. Which is great! You all know how much I love books with alternating perspectives, I’ve said that about fifty times in my other reviews 😉 But to have three….boy that was almost more than I could handle!

Anyway, Scarlett encounters two different types of love and chemistry with these two men. With Ash, she feels like he is truly the other half of her soul, he just understands her completely and knows exactly what to say. Yet, with Mason I felt like the love she feels with him was full of pure raw sexual chemistry. Don’t get me wrong, there is an emotional connection with Mason, but to me it felt like their attraction was purely physical. Scarlett, or ‘Angel’ as she is known by Mason had a lot of ‘firsts’ with Mason. I always felt their connection was fueled by lust and desire.  In saying this, I am admitting that I am Team Ash. I felt with Ash, or ‘Butterfly’ as she was known to him by,  had a more deeper, intellectual connection with Ashton. Sure, they hadn’t really ‘done’ anything together but judging from the way Scarlett felt about Ash, right off the bat, showed that it was one of those ‘intense-connection-at-first-sight thing (yes, i did just make that up). So imagine my shock at the way the Metamorphosis ended. When I didn’t even know what was going to happen. I won’t ruin it for those who haven’t read it yet, but there is a bit of a cliffhanger and waiting for a few months to find out what would happen to these three left me like:

I had absolutely no idea what was going on and I, along with many others had to endure the wait of finding out who Scarlett would end up with.

Which brings me to Ambrosia, the continuation of Scarlett, Ashton and Masons journey.  So by this point I was feeling quite bad for all three of them. They were all involved in some serious love-triangle+1 dramas. And by +1 I mean adding in the growing friendship happening between Scarlett and Max. Boy.. oh boy If you thought Metamorphosis was all kinds of tangled romance, imagine the surprise I got when Max took on more of a role in Ambrosia…

So here I was confused as all hell and not knowing what the shit was going on.

Where I was confused on earth before, now I was on another freaking planet trying to make sense of all of Scarletts actions. There were so many times I had th ‘nuh-uh girlfriend’ and plenty of ‘what-the-hell-were-you-thinking moments’. I ended up going on a whirlwind roller-coaster with Scarlett in which I was getting so dizzy that I just wanted to get off and land on safe ground

I don’t know how to start even describing Ambrosia without giving the plot away. Just know that at the end of Metamorphosis Scarlett chooses 1 guy and the ‘not-chosen-guy’  that I shall refer as Mr. Heartbroken is left well heartbroken. Anyway Mr. Heartbroken is left in a cluster fuck of shattered pieces. Waaaah 😥 In the beginning of Ambrosia, Scarlett and this ‘chosen’ guy start a life together and she tries her hardest to forget Mr.Heartbroken but she can’t. He still holds a major piece of her heart and you know it will lead to one big hot mess waiting to happen. So they try to be ‘just friends’

 Too bad you can’t be just friends with someone you still love, when there are way too many emotions involved. I mean if a guy seriously has that much of an effect on your heart, and you want to move on, then stay the fuck away from him. I mean trying to be friends with Mr. Heartbroken just brings back all the emotions and memories she felt for him. Toying with all three hearts: Masons, Ashtons and Scarletts.

God, love triangles make me nuts. I couldn’t help the range of emotions that coursed through me while I was reading this series. I felt

  • Pissed beyond repair
  • Mildly annoyed which lead to me feeling
  • Anger
  • Frustration
  • Mildly depressed and manic

Not to mention I also had plenty of these moments:

Yet somehow, through all those depressing moments, I still enjoyed both books. I think I was more mad at Scarlett/Butterfly/Angel and how indecisive she was with some of the choices she made. I, just like Scarlett hate nicknames and although ‘Butterfly’ and ‘Angel’ are unique I still cringed everytime I read the words.

I will openly admit that I had a hate/like/hate relationship with Scarlett. I thought she made plenty of bad decisions and the fact there were three hearts involved and open to be broken made the whole situation worse. I just ended up wanting to punch her in the face because of her indecisiveness. She ran away from her problems and that made me so damn angry, she seems to do it everytime something gets bad. She also believes everything she hears and doesn’t even allow for the person to explain themselves. She made me so ANGRY and I had read plenty of angry moments that I blew up about

However, in saying this I think Erin was very clever in writing a book that evoked so many emotions in me and many others. The plot twists in the Book Boyfriend series takes so many unexpected turns. Reading it, you automatically graviatte and fall for either Ashton or Mason. You end up falling love with their personalities and you’ll automatically root for one of these characters. I was never on the fence with who I wished Scarlett ended up with, I was Team Ash from the start and although you do read more about Mason in Ambrosia, reading and discovering more about him did not convince me that Mason was a better fit for Scarlett than Ashton. Which leads me to Exhibit A – Ashton’s heartfelt plea to Scarlett

“We were made for each other, Butterfly. There is no doubt in my mind about that. I know that I have a lot to prove to you, and I plan to do that every day for the rest of my life. Whether you want to hear it or not, I am sorry for everything that happen. The very last thing in the world I want to do is cause you pain. And if you aren’t ready to accept this yet, the inevitability of us, I get that. But understand this Scarlett: it will never be goodbye – not for you and me”

Scarletts journey doesn’t end with Ambrosia. There will be a third book in the series called Euphoria.  Even though this book took me on a crazy ride on a bi-polar coaster of emotions, I am curious to see what happens in Euphoria so I can finally get some closure on who she decides she wants to be with.  Jesus Scarlett, you better pick someone in Eurphoria or I swear

If there is something you take from both Metamorphosis and Ambrosia, know that falling for two guys fucking sucks. It’s like asking for someone to pull out your heart,  stomp on it and place it back in your chest. Its a cluster fuck of all kinds of messed up and although I hated Scarlett at times, I felt bad for her being placed in a situation like this.  I think if you fall in love with two guys, pick the first because no-one can ever compare to your first. You fell for them for a reason and you’ll comparing everyone after them to your first love.  But, according to Johnny Depp:

if you love two people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn’t have fallen for the second

Who knows who Scarlett will end up with, I am keen for Euphoria to be released to see who Scarlett ends up with. Fingers crossed its Ashton 😛