Just Breathe by Rachel Brookes

Genre: New Adult 

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First of all, I want to say a massive THANK YOU to Rachel for allowing us to be a part of her blog tour for her debut novel: Just Breathe. THANK YOU! I’m so happy to have received an ARC and to see that there has been so many great reviews for Just Breathe on Goodreads! SO excited and happy for you, I truly hope that many other readers discover your writing and that your book continues to be successful.


Just Breathe follows along the journey of  a smart, sarcastic and sassy Australian, Savannah Rae and the cocky, yet devastatingly handsome infamous playboy American hunk, Tate Connors.

First off, I will openly admit that, I think I am a hilarious human being, I see everything in GIFS and as soon as I read the moment that Savannah and Tate locked eyes, I legitimately pictured something like this happening

It was a holy-shit-my-life-just-changed-and-flashed-before-my-eyes kind of look. I mean come on, read this excerpt: (keeping in mind the above GIF)

Holy shit! My body felt like it had been hit by a freight train, and my breath escaped my chest when my eyes first landed on him.  Standing by the lifts was Mr. Sex on Legs. He held himself with a confidence that would make any woman squirm. He was perfection, the ultimate panty dropper. I watched from afar in pure amusement as his hands lingered on the hips of a giggling young woman, who was wearing a skirt that left nothing to the imagination. He whispered in her ear, softly kissing her neck while she continued giggling. He had no regard for where he was or who could be watching. I smirked to myself as I watched him; I could pick a player from a mile away because it was like I was watching myself. He was using all of my favorite moves.  

The sight of him made my breath catch and caused my body to react in all the right places. My brow furrowed as I drank in his delights, I was desperate to memorize every inch of him. He was what I liked to call my perfect prey, and he ticked all the right boxes:

Dark brown, scruffy just-had-a-wild-time-in-bed hair — check

Piercing blue eyes — check

Eyelashes that lasted for days — check

and a Set of lips that were begging to be bitten — check.

He was a true example of absolute perfection and I was like a stalking lioness admiring from afar, waiting for the perfect moment to pounce.   Regretfully, I broke my heated gaze from him and wheeled my suitcase to the reception desk. Every inch of my body was begging to turn around. I wanted to ogle him, stare at him, drink in his good looks and soak in his sexiness. The feeling of being watched washed over me and the feeling of eyes burning deep into my back excited me. I couldn’t do anything to stop myself from turning around. My green eyes locked with his deep blues across the foyer and I gave him my famous seductive smirk. I had to be on game; I had to pull him in. 

I hate to say I told you so….. LOL joke, I TOLD YOU 😉  That moment truly was the very beginning of a moment that changed both their lives. BOOM! KAPOW! (insert other life changing sounds)

So pretty much, you can pick that Savannah and Tate are both A* Grade Players. They are both at the top of the game and they know exactly how to play it. Savannah and Tate know how to capture, command and hold the attention of every being around them.  They are both extremely alike, both incredibly personable, and both knowing exactly what to say to get their way, it doesn’t help that they are both just out of this world good looking either 😉 However, at first glance Savannah and Tate seem look like the kind of people that seem to have it all, but  looks can be deceiving. Inside they both are characters that put up a very good front to hide the pain and memories of their past. Savannah and Tate,  have skeletons in their closets and are both secretly afraid to let anyone in.

Rachel has written Just Breathe in an extremely likable way, and you can tell in the way she has formed her characters. Although this book is all about the love between Miss Sassy-Savannah-Rae and Mr Dream-God-can-I-please-have-one-of-a-Hunk-Tate-Connors, I have to say that I absolutely fell head over heels in LOVE, LOVE, LOVE with all of the supporting characters. So, now I will introduce you to Tanzi Connors and her boyfriend Jack, Jack’s good friend Lucas and Mr-although-you-may-be-too-old-for-me-there-is-something-enticing-and-intriguing-about-you Davenport.

Tanzi is Tates *gasp*, equally incredibly good looking twin, who instantly becomes best friends with Savannah. Her boyfriend Jack, is close to Tate and also becomes quite good friends with Savannah. Then there is Lucas who is also quite good looking – (side bar: every character in this book is HOT, just saying :P) who becomes Savannah’s boy best friend. Last but not least, Mr. Davenport. Now Mr. Davenport, is pretty much the closest thing to family that Savannah has. He is the father figure in her life and he cares extremely for her. He set her up with a job and moved her to Los Angeles where she meets Tanzi, Tate, Jack and Lucas. SEE, that explains how this sassy Australian meets these beautiful Americans.

Anyway, I love love loved Tanzi and Jacks relationship, and their own individual personalities. I loved how in love they were and how they interacted with each other. The relationship that Tanzi and Jack had depicted the kind of relationship I would want, all fun, loved up, full of humour and just plain sweetness, not to mention that Jack is 1000% HILARIOUS. Anyway, moving on, Savannah and Tate’s relationship was full of passion, just hot sexual chemistry that could pretty much boil water in a kettle. Seriously, that’s how HOT the chemistry between them is. The dialogue between these two was full of wit, sarcasm and just good humour. Seriously, the stuff that Rachel came up with, CRACKED ME UP.

All in all, all of the characters in Just Breathe were extremely LOVABLE, I haven’t read a book in so long where I instantly warmed to and loved all of the characters. I seriously wanted to line up Savannah, Tate, Tanzi, Jack, Lucas and Mr. Davenport and do this to them:

But I wont do that, that would be classified as creepy and strange…. HAHAHAHAHA, I make myself laugh 😛  (hopefully you did too ;))

Moving on, there is many parts in the book where  Savannah vows to stay away from Tate.  I couldn’t help but feel like this:

First of all, I tried to hold back my laughter, as from my perspective I knew it would have been an impossible feat. Reading about their pent-up-sexual -attraction-and-chemistry towards one another and the fact that Savannah was going to try and stay away from Tate made me want to roll over in a fit of laughter. I mentally smacked myself and couldn’t hold in my laughter and giddiness cause it seemed like Savannah was trying to delay the inevitable. Reading from when they first met, you know these two are meant for each other. No matter what happens, they’ll end up together. No use in denying the inevitable. It was bound to happen, and if you read Just Breathe you will see!

I only have good things to say about Just Breathe, but the only constructive criticism I have to say would be in regards to the events that happen in the ending of the book. I felt like all of a sudden the book was moving at an even faster pace, which I personally, think should have been made into the beginning of the second book, as the second chapter to Savannah and Tate’s journey.

Just to wrap up my review:

After reading Just Breathe and all of the cute romances and relationships I just felt my own depression grow. I mean, the relationships between each character made me feel so happy for them, both Tanzi and Savannah had found their Mr. Right and I’m just like:

Oh dear god. The depression you’ve evoked in me Rachel! I seriously will end up as a crazy and lonesome cat lady, I’m feeling 10000% more lonely after Just Breathe. But it is a good thing HAHAHAHA, it means that Just Breathe got to me! It made me feel and for all you out there who haven’t read it yet, I’m telling you now that Ms. Brookes has written a damn funny debut novel filled with relationships that make you so damn envious – which explains my GIF up there ^. If you like hot steamy, passionate filled romances, with brilliantly lovable supporting characters, and you enjoy humour, sarcastic remarks and witty banter than Just Breathe is the book for you!

Oh and Rachel, please please please, write a book for Tanzi and Jack! I will literally squeal and jump up and down in giddiness if you do! I will happily raise my hand if you need a BETA reader for that 😉  I seriously am in love with hat couple! Thank you again for letting me read Just Breathe! I definitely enjoyed it, and I think so many people will too!

P.S I would greatly appreciate it, if you all commented me and let me know what you think of my review! I would love to hear some feedback!