More Than You Know by Alexandria Rhodes

Genre: New Adult Romance

Release Date: May 14, 2013

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Firstly, before we get into the synopsis and review, I wanted to apologise to any readers out there who was expecting this review during the time of the More Than You Know blog tour. Unfortunately, I had to pull out of this blog tour due to personal reasons and was unable to write a  review. However, I wanted to write this review now, for those of you who were looking out for it, I did finish this book when I first got it, but never got the chance to actually write a review. So this review will be based on what I can remember, this review, this one is for you all.


After surviving a devastating car accident that took her father’s life, Brynn Woods feels like she has nothing left in her hometown of Savannah, GA. Along with losing her father, her boyfriend, Tyler, unexpectedly leaves town the same time of the accident. Feeling alone, broken and confused, Brynn leaves Savannah for college in New York City to escape her heartbreak.

Four years later, Brynnf returns to Savannah to live in her childhood home. Slowly, she begins to let the people of her past back into her life. She lets the protective walls she’s built to protect herself crash down around her. As she begins to find love again with Tyler, secrets start to unravel themselves about his past. Tyler has secrets of his own. Secrets connected to the death of Bryn’s father. Secrets Tyler didn’t even know he kept.

My Thoughts

More Than You Know, is a book that really gives meaning to the saying that goes a little along the lines of “there is more to a story than you know or in other words, there is more than what is seen on the outside”. It’s a book about true love and the journey in finding love and losing love. However, all in all More Than You Know is a book about selflessness.

Like all romances, this book is about a love between Bryn and Tyler, who are both hopelessly in love with one another. Bryn meets Tyler when she is seven years old, and from there as they grow older they start dating, they fall head over heels for one another, make plans to go to the same college and can’t see a future without one another in it.

Then one day, out of the blue, everything goes terribly wrong for Byrn. Tyler breaks up with her (because of a secret he holds, which made my mind race. Did Tyler fall out of love with Bryn, did he cheat on her? ect), and he ups and leaves, like he literally, ups and leaves town with his family and Bryn’s best friend Charlotte (Tyler’s sister). This has left Bryn heartbroken in their hometown, with so many thoughts of where they could have gone wrong…. – (Side-bar, I have never experienced this, going through a break up with no explanation of why it happened, but I can imagine the pain it must feel to not have a concrete reason as to why it happened. All I know is that I would be constantly thinking of what I personally did to make someone leave me like that /end side-bar).

All of this happens so suddenly, leaving me with whiplash wondering what could have possibly gone so wrong in their relationship, when everything seemed to be running so smoothly.

What really pulled me into reading this book was:

1. The Cover – I LOOOOOOVE it! I think its so cutesy, I love the colours especially the fact that they are on a beach with the whole romantic sunset. So cliche and mushy but I LOVE IT. Don’t judge me, I’m a sucker for romance 😛

2. The prologue. This prologue is written in Byrn’s POV, where she reminisces on her past. I really enjoyed it as I felt it was written in a way that explains how everything can change so suddenly, tipping everything that was once good upside down.

“When I was a little girl I couldn’t wait to grow up. Growing up always looked so easy. You could do what you wanted to do, say what you wanted to say and be wherever it was you wanted to be. But I was naïve like many kids my age. I didn’t know how fast things could change and be taken away from me. People could be gone in an instant without a second glance back. I didn’t know how one single moment could change my entire life”

More Than You Know isn’t your typical love story, this one has many secrets, secrets that explain why things happened the way they did. I don’t know how to explain it without giving anything away but there is so much going on behind the scenes that it really makes you think of how interconnected every situation is. How, really like I stated previously, things aren’t always what they seem on the surface.

This book alternates between the present when Bryn is twenty two , to when she was younger where she reminisces about her memories with Tyler. I’ve never read a book structured where there is so many scenes from the past, but I really enjoyed it as I felt like this was a really great way to talk about Tyler without him being present in the future. This is a necessary part of the book as it explains why Tyler affects so much of Bryn’s present. I felt like it was a really good way to read about why she felt so strongly for Tyler and why she kept reminiscing. This structure really explained why Bryn couldn’t let go of the grip Tyler still had on her heart. To go from being so in love, to being dumped for no reason at all, it makes you question every past situation and everything you ever said and did. That’s why I think letting go is so hard, its hard when you don’t have any closure, and Bryn definitely did not have any closure.

Continuing on with the story line, just to add a little more drama and heartbreak in to Byn’s life, Bryn wakes up in hospital one day and finds out her father has passed away Bryn’s already broken heart is shattered to mush , and when she recovers she packs up and leaves town hoping to leave the heartache behind and start anew.

Unfortunately for Bryn, a couple years after she leaves she is told she has to move back home to take care of her fathers home and possessions. She moves back with her best friend and they plan to live together until she decides what she wants to do with everything. Plans go awry when she finds out Charlotte and Tyler have moved back to their hometown. So on top of trying to figure out what she has to do with her life, Bryn now has to worry about bumping into Tyler after all these years…. Awkward turtle.. I would die if I bumped into the boy who broke my heart, yet still has hold of my heart even after so much time has passed.

I will end my review by saying that at some points in this book ,the book switches to Tyler’s POV and he reminisces about his time with Bryn. Tyler reminisces of his fondest memories of Bryn and I swear, the love that that boy feels towards her is so heartwarming? Yeah, I think heartwarming is the best way to describe it. The way Tyler describes how Bryn has always made him feel, and how much pain he has endured since their breakup all those years ago, makes you understand Tyler as a character. The love shared between Bryn and Tyler, after all these years can only be described as something that is almost impossible to find, to still be so connected and feel love to someone after the pain they have caused you, with so much time passing by from that moment shows a love that is so magnificent and true and jealous inducing. Yes I said it, jealous inducing because I, Jessica was jealous. SO jealous of a fictional romance. God, I am so sappy!

That’s all I will say about More Than You Know without giving too much away. I guess you have to read it yourself if you want to find out about the secret behind their breakup and whether or not they end up together. What will happen when Tyler reveals his secret? Will Bryn take him back after all the pain he has caused her? *mysterious music: dun dun dun*

About Alexandria

Alexandria Rhodes is a first time novelist from the good old state of Ohio. She is a recent college graduate with a degree in English and Creative Writing. Alexandria has always known she needed to write and has been doing so ever since she bought a typewriter at a garage sale when she was nine. With hundreds of pages of plot ideas, scripts and character descriptions, it is no surprise that she finally came around to writing a book.
Alexandria enjoys reading, writing, reviewing, spending time with family, tweeting (a little too much) and traveling, especially to Savannah, GA and New York City.  Her writing is heavily influenced by her surroundings and the people in her life. She hopes that her stories will touch the hearts of her readers.

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