Frigid by J. Lynn

Genre: New Adult

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So last month or the month before that, we wrote a ‘Highly Anticipated Reads (HAR)’ for Frigid as we were all so keen to read it. Now, after reading it, I really really really want to remove the post. I was disappointed, no wait. disappointed is not a expressive enough word. I was ass to the floor, shell shocked, not even sure what to do with myself  because of how bad it truly was. It was just mind-numbingly bad and it pains me to admit that I was once-upon-a-time a massive J. Lynn fan, but now, after reading Frigid, I’m starting to rethink whether or not I really did enjoy her other books. It was so terrible to me, that I almost, did not find it in me to continue reading, however, after some big pep talks I finished it, all because I wanted to provide you all with a review after our original and now regretful HAR posting. Now, this is my first time writing a review on a book I felt was bad, so please don’t judge me, these are my own opinions and I am sorry if you loved Frigid, but personally as you can already tell, I hated it. I have been wanting to write this review for a while but I just could not, I’m letting you all know now that I am going to go through immense and I mean IMMENSE pain to write this review, because I threw the filthy and vividly disgusting Frigid memories into an “I-beg-myself-to-forget-this-box” blackhole in the back of my mind.  As always I will lace my review with humour to not only help myself through this ordeal but to hopefully help you through it too. If you wish to read the synopsis for Frigid and haven’t yet read our before reaction, CLICK HERE

So now, onto the review.. (contains spoilers, actually scrap that, I tell you the whole plot because its the only way to explain my feeeelings)

A retelling of the night I read Frigid and my thoughts that followed

So my night started like this:

I logged into Amazon and downloaded Frigid onto my Kindle! WOOO was how I was feeling before, BOOO was how I was feeling after. See that, yes, a very noticeable difference in feelings.. Anyway, before I get too carried away, where was I? Oh yeah, that’s right,  before I get down to the nitty gritty of reading – I had to make myself comfortable. I filled up my hot water bottle, molded 5 pillows around my body, stockpiled on blankets, put on my comfy bed socks and turned off the TV, I pulled out a packet of my favourite lollies and poured myself a glass of my favourite beverage, water (yes, you read correct WATER). My night was set, I was prepared for a night of enjoyment. I had all my favourite things and I had finally downloaded the book I was so looking forward to reading. Once I was in a state of pure-comfort-bliss, I settled into reading. Straight off the bat, you are introduced to the girl/boy best friend dynamic. Kyler is a super-duper-hot-playboy-who-puts-hugh-hefner-to-shame with his abilities to snag and bag women.. literally. He can get any girl he wants, BUT he can’t get the one girl he has always loved and hopelessly wanted, his best friend Sydney. Sydney is also secretly in love with her best friend Kyler and has been so for many years. The problem is that they both think that they aren’t good enough for the other. From here we are told that they are going to Kyler’s parents fancy-schmancy ski home/chalet to spend a few days with their mates hanging at the snow before Christmas.. or maybe it was for Christmas, I can’t remember. Anyway, so far, it sounds like a typical romance novel, but this is where I was wrong. Little did I know that this stupid ski trip was where everything (for me) would begin to go down down hill. Before I knew it, I had jumped straight onto a train headed for Crazy Town. I can’t remember all the details of the book, but to prove my point to you – I will skim through it to remember the gist of things. On the way to the snow Kyler and Sydney get into a fight. Anyway, Syd gets really drunk and tries to kiss Kyler but she misses his lips and gets his cheek instead. Kyler is shocked but he rejects her advances because Syd is way too drunk. Now, I would have called that a somewhat gentleman-ly move, he didn’t want her to regret doing that in the morning and he didn’t want to take advantage of a drunk girl. But all that bloody Sydney can think is”Kyler had rejected me. And he doesn’t reject any female with a pulse”…..  Oh Syd, what a fantastic way to think of your best friend. You think that Kyler wouldn’t care about the state a girl is in, he would accept any female. WOW, good relationship you have there….. Anyway, some stupid shit happens in between where Syd is beating herself up about Kyler’s rejection and is being all miserable and mopey. Kyler doesn’t understand what is wrong with her when suddenly the power too the house cuts off. With no power in the middle of a blizzard, Kyler suggests that they should stick to one room to stay warm. They fall asleep and Syd wakes up in Kylers arms, where Kyler is feeling her up IN HIS SLEEP. He apparently is now trying to do the unmentionables to Syd while he is STILL SLEEPING and she doesn’t do anything to stop him. WHY? because she so desperately wants him that she is willing to take anything she can get from him even if he is doing it unconsciously. I CAN’T EVEN. I think from now on to give my mind something to do other than die from anger, I will dedicate the remaining part of  my review in letter form. I will fashion a letter,  make that an email as I can include GIFS which will help me keep my sanity. This letter will be and addressed to Sydney.

Dear Sydney,

Oh wow, Kyler totally felt you up in your sleep when he was  unconscious and dead to the world and you DID NOTHING TO STOP IT! How did you even get any pleasure from an unconscious act. I felt like you let yourself be violated by Kyler, and to be honest I felt like I was violated reading that ordeal. You are freaking unbelievable. You should thank your lucky stars that I cannot physically reach you, otherwise I would punch you for stupidity, you moron. I get that you have wanted Kyler for so long, but to be reduced to allowing him to touch you while he didn’t even know he was doing it, is filthy. Moving on, I read that Kyler woke up and completely freaked out about groping you in his sleep because he thought the whole thing was a dream. Kyler then avoids you for the rest of the day and all you can think of is yourself. Oh why is Kyler avoiding me? He must not want me at all? 😥 No bitch please, Kyler is so shocked at his unconscious actions and all you are is embarrassed because you believe that 1. Kyler rejected you again (wahh wahh wahh) and 2. Kyler’s shocked reaction must mean that he doesn’t want you. Oh sad face 😦 I know that you felt that Kyler must really despise you, I mean you did say that Kyler doesn’t reject any woman and you’re a woman :O So because he doesn’t reject any woman, and he rejected you, than something must be seriously wrong with you. SO when he was intimately touching you, UNCONSCIOUSLY, you revelled in it because finally he was doing something and you didn’t seem to care that he was UNCONSCIOUS. BITCH PLEASE are you FUCKING DELUDED. You think if a person is unconscious and is doing more than feeling you up in their sleep, that they wouldn’t be freaked out and avoid you when they woke up?! Seriously? Kyler felt terrible that he was doing something to you – his innocent best friend, that he couldn’t bear to face you for the rest of the day. Because Kyler freaked out and avoided you, you auto-magically believe that Kyler doesn’t want you In your fucking i-personally-think-you-should-be-moved-to-a-mental-hospital mind, because you see Kylers reaction as a display of rejection. SO dumb. I can’t even. You are the epitome of stupid and possibly one of the worst characters that I have ever had the displeasure of reading about. YOU HAVE MENTAL ISSUES and I hate you. So then the big confrontation happens, where you get so mad at Kyler that you say “I want what the other girls have had”…”I just want you. For one night, That’s it” to which Kyler replies with “I fucked those girls. That’s it. No strings. No commitments. Nothing. And that’s what you want? You want me to fuck you?” To which you in your mind said that you wanted more, so much more, but because you thought that this was the only way to get Kyler – because he is a man whore and will respond to offerings of sex *rolls my eyes* – that you replied with: “Yes.” WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. Yes, I was mad when I read your story months ago, but now remembering and having to skim-read it again to remember I am seething because I’m now thinking about the girls out there reading your story who might be thinking, “if a guy doesn’t want me than I’ll be happy just scrambling to get anything he gives/throws at me” i.e. sex. NO, THAT IS NOT OK EVER. To any girls out there who think that it is fine to be ok with hot/cold affection, please don’t. If a guy is stupid enough to not see how brilliant and amazing you are, then he is not worth your time. You deserve someone who will treat you better and that guy or girl will come along eventually. It is true that you have to kiss a few frogs to find you prince, but a guy who doesn’t treat you right is not worth your time,. Don’t put up with someone who treats you wrong, be strong and walk away. Cupid will eventually finds its way to you and you’ll find the right one soon enough. /end of my side bar rant.

Back to Sydney: I don’t even want to go into being mad at that part because I’ll end up wanting to neck myself. So I will fast forward to the wtf moment of your story. You could obviously tell that there was something off with Kyler when you said that to him. He seemed more rude (as described in the book) and angry. Yet you carried on being a ho, from the way the book was written it was obvious that you were now intimidated by him. Then (I’m skipping the awkward scenes) you are suddenly NAKED and pressed against a window. YOUR BOOBS ARE OUT and if anyone was around they WOULD SEE EVERYTHING. Kyler is pissed off at you, yet touching you and about to fuck you at the same time and your happy and all like FINALLY OMG KYLER I have wanted you for so long. EW YOU DISGUST ME. Its degrading the fact that you let him do that to you against a fucking window with frontal nudity, geez have SOME FUCKING DIGNITY. BUT you don’t, you don’t even care because your elated that he is finally giving you “what the other girls had” – a one night fuck that means nothing but you don’t even really want that, yet you pretend that you do. JUST TELL HIM YOUR FEELINGS NOT ALL THIS BULLSHIT. Then to increase the drama in this already hyped up bullshit, the window shatters and Kyler reckons its because the window was so cold that when they were pressed up against it it shattered. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? YOU THINK THAT YOUR LOVEMAKING, oh wait it wasn’t love making it was fucking, SHATTERED THE WINDOW. FUCK ME DEAD SOMEONE GET ME A BRICK WALL SO THAT I CAN BANG MY HEAD UP AGAINST IT. My god, I just don’t even know what the hell Lynn was thinking writing this gibberish. Anyway then you both notice a ‘pellet’ that SOMEONE HAD SHOT A PELLET INTO THE WINDOW.  *GASP* someone had seen what you were both doing. Not only did you have issues with each other but now you guys have some weird person shooting pellets at you who saw you both get it on. DO YOU GUYS HAVE NO SHAME. GEEZ, I know you might get caught up in the moment, but really against a freaking window?!?! Now obviously, someone shot that pellet at the window for some reason and my golly-gosh If we fast forward more into your journey, you and Kyler sleep together and your on cloud 9 and have stopped your whinging. Kyler decides he needs to go into the ski town to try and fix the generator and he tells you to stay at home. He leaves, you don’t listen and you follow him to town. When you hear that Kyler went to his friend Sashas house you immediately jump to conclusions thinking that Kyler + Sasha = Sex. Really? You then storm back to the house/chalet and see some tyre marks. Immediately you think did Kyler bring Sasha  back here. I can’t even believe that you think that after Kyler slept with you, that he quickly found a new chick to sleep with. REALLY? He is supposedly your BFF and you think that he would treat you like that. WOW you really know him well. Now we are nearing the end of your story, to top off the copious amount of drama you already have in your life, you find two masked ski men at the house/chalet. You have no time to run so you get bashed and almost raped. Luckily Kyler saves you and then we find out that the man who had cut the power to the house, shot the pellet through the window and almost raped you was Sasha’s ex boyfriend Zack who did it all because he hated Kyler. WTF I can’t even believe how much drama is bestowed upon you. All in all, I finally reached the ending of your story after reading it with much hardship, I had to push myself to continue because it was so damn crazy. In the end I am glad that I am finally done with you Sydney.

I have nothing left to say, I am done.. DONE DONE.

With no love what-so-ever,

Your most displeased reader,


Concluding Remarks

I think Frigid had the potential to take off but unfortunately it backfired and buried itself into a never ending hole of mind numbing emptiness.  It’s not just the characters that aggravated me, it was the writing in general. The storyline didn’t flow or make sense, it was unrealistic and I didn’t really understand why these two characters clicked and how they were in love with one another. If you are a J.Lynn fan, then I am sorry if I have offended you with my opinion. I just couldn’t lie about how I truly felt about Frigid. Kyler and Sydney lacked any depth and the whole book didn’t even seem to be about love, the basis of Frigid was sex, a creepy stalker, a ‘frigid’ girl, man whore guy and uh sex. I kid you not. Read it yourself if you don’t believe me, or if you read it already and loved it, read it again and comment me if you changed your mind. I am now rethinking the times when I read Lynn’s other books and I honestly believe that if I read them again, I would probably not enjoy them. I may or may not have gotten too caught into the hype that was J. Lynn and will never do so again. And all I can say is, Thank the Lord I’m off this train! That is IT, I am done. Over and out.

Don’t forget to let me know your thoughts on my review, if I was too harsh please say so. If you liked it or thought it was funny let me know too. I love hearing from all of you!