Perfect Regret (Bad Rep #2) by A. Meredith Walters


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Genre: New Adult

Release Date:  September 13, 2013

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As most of you know I have been waiting for what feels like a very, very long time for Perfect Regret to be released. If you follow my reviews, you will know that I even stalked Ms. Walters for months beforehand to provide you all with all the Perfect Regret updates. I know, I know you all probably think I am freaking loony but what can I say?

That’s right, my loony-tuneness-please-check-me-into-a-ward-after-i-finish-reading brought you all some sneak peeks and excerpts of Perfect Regret to tide you all over until the book was released and GUESS WHAT? PERFECT REGRET HAS BEEN RELEASED! YIPPEEEEEEEEEE!

So that’s pretty exciting right? YES but… I have more EXCITING news! I was lucky enough in my stalk-quest to receive an ARC as part of the Perfect Regret blog tour!  WOOOHOOOO! I am feeling incredibly lucky right now.

Well my friends, without further ado… here is my review.. right after the synopsis


Riley Walker makes all the right decisions and knows exactly where her life is headed.

Riley Walker does not make mistakes.

Riley Walker certainly doesn’t make spontaneous decisions.

But then Riley Walker gets dumped.

Spectacularly, gut-wrenching, stomp all over her heart dumped. And she is feeling more than a little angry. And a whole lot bitter. And suddenly the girl who has always done everything right feels like doing something completely wrong.

Garrett Bellows, lead guitarist for the local band, Generation Rejects, is going through life without a plan. Trying not to think past the next gig or the next party, he has worked hard to not become too attached to anyone or anything. So he is shocked to find himself drawn to the snarky girl with a chip on her shoulder. She pisses him off and puts him down. He knows she’s nothing more than a self-entitled college brat who thinks she’s better than the townie boy without a future.

Alcohol and a hefty dose of lust leads to a night both Riley and Garrett immediately regret. Her embarrassment, his pride and the weight of rumors and misconceptions convince Riley and Garrett that their one-time indiscretion will never be repeated. Particularly when their harshest critics are each other.

But how do you reconcile a head that wants to let go with a heart that keeps holding on?

And what happens when your biggest regret begins to seem almost perfect?

My Thoughts

Starting Perfect Regret, we are introduced into the feisty, sarcastic and highly guarded world of Riley Walker. In Bad Rep, you notice that Riley is incredibly witty and always has some sort of smart-ass comeback to everything thrown at her. At times Riley is a bitch and is a bit snarky as she is not afraid to speak her mind. However there is a likable sense around her character due to her interesting quips. Riley seems like such a composed person, giving you the sense that she is the sort of person who likes to plan ahead. She knows where she wants to go in life and has planned out the steps of how she will get there.So you can imagine her surprise when her ass gets dumped by the guy she had  deemed her one and only.

After getting her heart trampled on by a herd/pack/gang of baby elephants, Riley despises the idea of love, and becomes the only member of the Love Sucks club (hypothetically speaking, there is no such club and if there were there would be more than waaay more than one member :P)

After getting dumped out of the blue, Riley is in a funk for daaaaaays. Maysie, her BFF suggests that they go to Garrett Bellows house after work to get her mind off things. Garrett is one of the residential man whore’s in the Generation Rejects band and has always has a harem/gaggle/pack of women throwing themselves at him, left, right and centre.

Garrett is usually stoned or drunk, and in all honesty, Garrett is a guy that Riley looks down on. He has no future goals, takes life as it comes and spends his time  either lounging around, playing in the band or getting stoned… again. Although Garrett seems a bit dopey…. from all that weed, he is actually a very observant character and a deep thinker. He is good at reading people and he is even better at reading Riley. As soon as I read that Garrett had long-ish blonde hair, I pictured this. I know, I know, I will admit that I am an occasional asshole but that’s what I honestly pictured every time Garrett was mentioned.. terrible, I know that Garrett is supposed to be pretty hot, but as soon as the long blonde hair was mentioned, it got me picturing Jim Carrey… HAHAHAHA 😛

Anyway, moving back to the story, Riley arrives at Garrett’s party, talks to him briefly, realises that they have nothing in common and somehow gets pissed at him. Riley then gets white girl wasted and soon one thing leads to another

And Riley wakes up with a massive hangover with hazy memories of the night before. When she realizes that she is in bed with non other than the whore of all man whores, Garrett Bellows (actually Garrett probably isn’t the biggest man whore but I needed to emphasis my point, plus the sentence sounds better that way :P) she immediately regrets everything about the night before.

After this initial shock find, Riley dismisses Garrett which in turn Garrett reciprocates, and she then heads home. When they meet again and again and again, there seems to be a constant buzz of chemistry between the two. How can there be chemistry between two people who presumably despise one another (but between you + me, its all an act ;))

Anwyay, throughout the novel, Riley, being the strong willed person that she is, won’t give in to her feelings for Garrett

Going from resisting her urges to wanting to jump Garrett’s bones, Riley and Garrett embark on a journey of self discovery with one another… LOL no they don’t…. actually if I think about it they kind of do in a way, which you will discover if you decide to read it.

From a third party perspective Garrett continually tries to show Riley how good they are for one another

BUT I am going to be a brat here and end my review with a *dum dum dum*. Will they end up together? Will Riley see Garrett as someone who is there for her? Will they end up having little Rigar (Riley+Garrett) babies? I can’t tell you that, you’ll have to read the book yourself to find out!

To get a taste of the book, head on over to Amazon to download a free sample chapter and if you love it, buy the book – then tell me what you think of it. If you want a few more excerpts, read my first Perfect Regret post (if you hadn’t already).


All in all,  I enjoyed Perfect Regret but I have to admit that Bad Rep takes first place between the two. I am a MASSIVE sucker for Jordan Levitt, and reading his little quips and hearing more about his relationship with Maysie in Perfect Regret only enforced my book crush on Bad Rep.

I think that you will enjoy Bad Rep if you like a witty, sarcastic and comedy filled novel. Perfect Regret is filled with so many LOL worthy lines that will have you giggle-chuckling in no time.



In ending my review, I am going to be a bit critical say that my only issue with it, was the whole insta-love aspect to Riley and Garrett’s relationship. I felt that their relationship moved at too fast of a pace before one of them declared their undying love to the other. Although the scene was really sappy and sweet and made me go aww, I felt their feelings were really rushed, as they didn’t really get to know each other well enough to fall in love with each other, despite their intense connection. 

About the Author

The New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Contemporary and Paranormal romance including The Find You in the Dark series, Bad Rep and its upcoming sequel.

A. Meredith spent ten years as a counselor for at risk teens and children. First working at a Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault program and then later a program for children with severe emotional and mental health issues. Her former clients and their stories continue to influence every aspect of her writing.

When not writing (or being tortured with all manner of beauty products at the hand of her very imaginative and extremely girly 6 year old daughter), she is eating chocolate, watching reality television that could rot your brain and reading a smutty novel or two.


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