Greed - Fisher Amelie

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: October 29, 2013

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I have been anxiously waiting for GREED for MONTHS and HOORAY the moment  is finally here!  When I first read and finished Vain I honestly looked up everything to do with Fisher and tried to find information about  the next book in the series. When I heard about Greed my immediate reaction when I found it was that I. HAD.TO HAVE.IT.

WANT? NO, more like NEED!  Somehow our blog was lucky enough to be chosen to be a part of the Greed blog tour! I am absolutely THRILLED to take part and I kid you not, I almost fainted when I received the ARC, I literally didn’t know what to do with myself except sit there and stare at my email in awe

Anyway, Greed is the second book in the Seven Deadly Series and it comes right after Vain.  If you haven’t read the synopsis for Greed just yet CLICK HERE to find out more about it 🙂

Like the series title implies there will be 5 more books in the series all based on these deadly sins. MUAHAHAHA you guys dont even realise how freaking in LOVE with this series I am. I mean Fisher is brilliant and I am so excited to read what she has in store with the next books! Greed is just one of those books that made me feel a mix of emotions that  I can’t process coherently…

And if I were to put my thoughts into a picture all that would be going on through my mind is FIREWORKS… Seriously. When I think of Greed all I can see and hear is fireworks, it was just that good and it is so hard to just pinpoint a moment in the book without thinking and relinking that moment to a ton of other moments. EVERYTHING IN GREED JUST WORKS. It’s brilliant because everything just flows, there is a natural progression, the characters are memorable and most importantly  there is a moral and a message behind the book.

Fisher has done such a wonderful job in creating a story that depicts the sin of Greed. The story is anything but boring and it is mindblowing to think of how Fisher managed to write such a great story that will stay with me for a very long time.  Genius I tell you,G.E.N.I.U.S for coming up with this idea (the seven deadly sins really intrigues me) and executing it so well.

So without further ado, lets get onto my review!

 My Thoughts

So I found two definitions from the internet to describe the term “Greed”

  • An intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power, or food”
  • An excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves, especially with respect to material wealth”

In Fisher’s Greed, the prologue was one of the best prologues I have ever read. It peaked my interest immediately. When I first read the prologue I felt like it was so intriguing and written so well that I just had to continue reading, it excited me and really made me go HOLY WOW.

Greed is a strange, strange sin. All you want to do is acquire. Acquire money, acquire material, acquire time, acquire energy, acquire attention. The running mantra is “I want, I want, I want” but that quickly turns to “I need, I need, I need.” Suddenly there just isn’t enough time for friends, for family, for anyone. Your goal is to acquire and to make sure what you acquire stays acquired. Your life depends on it. You don’t see truth because the truth is shadowed by enormous homes, incredibly fast cars, in lavish spending. Your life no longer belongs to you, but you are blind to it all because those around you are seeking the same.

So you shuffle along at an impossible rate, and you pass the real world around you. But what you’ll come to realize, altogether too late, is that it’s never enough. It’s simply never enough.


From this we are given the very meaning of the word this book revolves around, Greed, with this novel giving us a glimpse into how Greed controlled the life of a not so typical boy by the name of  Spencer Blackwell.

Spencer is not an average boy, you see Spencer comes from a long line of money, lots and lots of it. His father is conniving, cold hearted and filthy rich. He manipulates those in his life and Spencer is just another pawn placed very carefully under his father’s thumb. Spencer’s father is greedy and like Spencer his father desires money but more than that his father desires power, caring only about 2 things, 1. The family’s reputation and 2. MONEY, MONEY, MONEY

As mentioned before, Spencer is a pawn under his fathers thumb. His father controls Spencer by dangling money in front of him which Spencer receives in return for taking up his fathers heinous and deceiving bidding. Spencer takes up these heinous tasks in order continuously fund his lavish and opulent lifestyle of boozing, partying, holidaying.. the works. Although Spencer does feel regret for undertaking these heinous tasks, his feeling of regret does not trump his desire/hunger/lust for money, with this lust for money overpowers all of his morals, values and emotions.

When something big happens to his little sister Bridget, Spencer undertakes his first selfless act. He organised for them both to go on the run and hide from his father. Doing this directly jeopardises Spencers future and will take a massive toll on Spencers financial well being.  For once, his love for his little sister trumps his greed for money, and from this point forward the book begins to really take off.

Spencer and Bridget hide out in a country ranch far far away from their father. This ranch is full of humble and down to earth people who understand the meaning of hard work. They are all a close knit family, working together to run the ranch. Spence and Bridge, two kids who have always had things handed to them were now placed in a situation where they had to work to earn their keep. Work being manual labour, something they both had not previously experienced before.

At this ranch, Spencer locks eyes with the most beautiful girl he has ever seen.. enter Cricket Hunt. The one girl Spencer falls for but can’t have. Cricket makes Spence happy and as the lines between their friendship starts to blur together, Spencer has to remember that the reason why he can’t have her is because Cricket has a boyfriend DUN DUN DUN. WHY is there so many complications in love? Sometimes I wish the two lead characters should get together ASAP but if that was the case, then their journey would not be interesting and this journey right here is beyond interesting. I can’t reveal too much without giving it away but man what happens is seriously something I never predicted, it sort of left me like this:

Anyway, I will leave you to ponder on what happens to these two. But what I will add is that I noticed from the beginnings of the novel and through Spence’s flashbacks was that Spence was never really happy with money. He was wasting it away trying to find an escape from his hell bearing father and trying to subconsciously find ways to escape from his life, through partying and getting drunk these moments allowed Spencer to forget his life for a brief moment but come the next day he had to face reality and live a lie, Spence was masking his unhappiness and that in itself shows that the money Spencer had didn’t bring him a morsel of joy.

Ultimately, money is one of the major themes throughout this novel that depicts the sin of Greed and it is true in the sense that even in the world today, people will do anything for money. There are people out there who marry purely because of money and wealth, there are people out there who have a greed for money and continue to gamble to acquire MORE MORE MORE.

What I really liked about this novel was how I was able to read how a person can change when taken out of their normal environment. Spencer changed throughout his time on the ranch, he grew as a person and learnt that money really wasn’t all there was to life, that there was way more to life than being rich – which is 100% true. Money/Power doesn’t always make you happy and Spencer learnt that by being on the ranch surrounded by good people who valued him.

All in all, Fisher has a beautiful writing style where I read Greed with such fascination that I realised quite quickly that I was hooked like a fish to a line, I was so caught up in Greed and I just could not get enough. Everything flowed, everything made sense, there was no stone (for me) that was left unturned and I ended up finishing it in one sitting, skipping out on sleep because sleep would have taken away time that I could have used to read Greed. I ended up like this after 2 hours of sleep the next morning

BUT it was SO WORTH IT. I will end this review by saying that I do recommend that you read Greed. From what I have emphasised previously, Greed really is an interesting story, filled with sin, personal struggles, overcoming these struggles and how a person can learn to grow from them. Go download a sample chapter off of Amazon if you want to check it out before.


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On a final note, I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to InkSlinger PR and Fisher Amelie for choosing us to be a part of this tour! We feel very privileged to have taken part!


I am SO looking forward to Book #3: Fury and I will be here waiting patiently for its release!

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