The Originals by Cat Patrick

Genre: YA, Science Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal

Release Date: May 1, 2013

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Three girls but one life? How does that even work? Well you see Lizzie, Betsey and Ella are clones. Yes, they are human clones living under a guise as one person – Elizabeth Best. Their lives are split into three; one takes the first half of the day, the other the second half and another takes the night shift, with them being very careful not to be seen together at any one time. Other than this minor detail of having to switch throughout the day, they live their lives as any normal seventeen year old. YEAH NO, their lives are anything but normal.

Their mother is controlling and literally watches them like hawks (Yes as teenagers we all may think our mothers are super controlling but this just a whole another level). They have heartbeat monitors disguised as a necklace with a GPS to ensure each is supposed to be where they are. They are content in their shared existence, that is, until Lizzie falls in love.

This is where Sean comes in. He’s the mysterious, artistic type and Lizzie can’t help but fall for him. This instant connection between them is enough for Lizzie to question their mothers’ plan, which they have all followed obediently up until now. The problem is Ella also has a potential love interest which makes dating kinda difficult considering they are all supposed to be one collective person.

To solve this problem, Lizzie, Betsey and Ella first have to convince their mother to let them date. After they jumped over this hurdle, they then had to decide (well more accurately, their mother decided) on who to date; the mysterious Sean or the typical conceited high school athlete, David. And let’s be honest, out of those two, David sounds like a safer choice. So now it’s official, Elizabeth Best (or rather Lizzie, Ella and Betsey) are now dating David. Now this creates a problem for Lizzie whose feelings for Sean are growing stronger and stronger every time they see each other and what makes it even more complicated Sean thinks Lizzie is playing him while dating David. Whoa mama! Talk about a love triangle!

What I loved about this book was its unique plotline. I mean, yes it was similar in the fact of the whole forbidden love story but there was an interesting twist with the concept of human clones, making it a modern day Frankenstein story presented in a way that would appeal to the YA genre. Cat Patrick has created a book that kept me entertained from start to end. I almost felt like I was watching a movie (yes I know, it’s a very strange feeling to have while reading a book).

I liked the fact that Cat Patrick decided to keep the story from the perspective of Lizzie, rather than switching between the three characters which I was expecting to happen at the beginning of every chapter. In doing this, it kept the story consistent and made the story flow well instead of the very ‘stop-starty’ and the overlapping of details that often happens in novels where they switch between character perspectives (don’t get me wrong, I love it when authors pull off this method very well but more times than not it doesn’t really work). Cat Patrick has developed her idea well and I have very little negatives about the novel as a whole. The only negative would maybe she could’ve developed each of the three girls personalities more in-depth, while she did achieve this to a certain degree, you didn’t really feel connected with any of the characters but in saying that, overall, I loved it!