About Us

“The Three Musketeers have got nothing on us!”


and what we love is reading and writing!

The Three Bookateers as you probably would have already guessed, is a play on The Three Musketeers, which is pretty much what we three are all about in terms of:

  1. There are three of us and we are pretty much as thick as thieves ( in the sense of us being extremely close) 
  2. We have a sense of adventure! We want to go out and EXPLORE the whole wide world!
  3. We are hilarious (at least we like to think that we are)

BUT – we are a trio of three girls and are all related.

We started this book blog as we love reading! We wanted to share our thoughts and opinions on the books we have read with everyone and anyone who will listen to us. This blog will contain reviews of what we consider ‘the hits, misses and bulls eyes (see what we did there, musketeer wise ;)) of all the books that we have read.

So a little about us, huh? Well like our blog states there are three of us, and we are all family.

  • Lina is a funny character and is probably the most wisest of us three.  Lina is currently in her final year of high school and is a massive book nerd 😛 She reads all kinds of books, and counts Fitzgerald and Shakespeare as some of her favourite authors…..Not really, just kidding 😛  Lina enjoys romance and paranormal novels and is best found lounging around, reading in her backyard hammock.. Click here to read her reviews.
  • Monica, is the clown among us, she is in her first year of university and she too enjoys romance but she also reads a wide variety of other genres including fantasy and the paranormal to name a few. Check out her reviews here and keep your eye out for her tags, they are hilarious! Monica is best found lying on the beach working on her tan, with a good book under her nose
  • And then there’s me, Jessica. I am the social media and communications officer for our blog 🙂 I am in my final year of university and am studying towards a Marketing and Management degree. I’m a complete hopeless romantic, making me a sucker for happy endings, cheesy lines and cliches. I read a lot of New Adult, so that is mainly what my reviews are about. I will warn you now, I write loooong reviews as I don’t think I can limit the feelings and excitement I feel when I’m reading. You’ll find me curled up in my bed, reading till all hours of the morning.

We are happy to help with the promotion of upcoming/current Young Adult, Contemporary and New Adult novels. If you are interested in contacting us for any tour stops, reviews and giveaways please check out our events calendarwhich will also link you to our contact page. Otherwise, if you just want to pop by and say hello, leave us a comment or send us an email.

While we do take every request into careful consideration, we cannot accept all requests.  Please know that we do strive to reply to every email, but on the odd occasion, it may take us a while to respond. We really do love hearing from you, and we will try and get back to you as soon as possible.

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Thank you for visiting our blog, we hope you enjoy our posts. Happy reading!